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SmartPath Financial Care Plans help employees through stressful financial situations, one step at a time, in four different channels.


We offer nearly 30 different Classes on all sorts of financial wellness topics. Each class is engaging, practical, actionable and can be offered in person or via webinar for your employees.

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Financial Fuel is the amount of money you spend less than you make, each month. That number dictates everything in your financial life. The more you have, the faster you reach your goals. With that in mind, this course will give you the tools and information to grow your monthly financial fuel. If you do this well, everything else will fall into place.



You need to make more money. Don’t we all! Fortunately, the internet and new "contract services" have expanded the number of money making opportunities. All you need to do is add a little hustle and a dash of persistence.

Come learn about 5 ways to get your side hustle on and make some extra coin.

Highlights: Ways to Make More Money, Prioritizing, Time Management

Getting right with money is a marathon. You'll face significant headwinds throughout the process. At times, you'll feel great about your situation and, at others, you'll feel the weight of the world. That's why it's critical to take care of your mental state as you start this journey.

This course will give you the guiding principles, a true north (when you get lost) and realistic expectations along your path.

Highlights: Financial Fuel, 7-Tank System, Financial Strategy, Economy

You got the offer and you know you’re prepared to be great. The only question that remains is how to be smart with that paycheck. The quicker you learn these steps, the better your chance at building wealth.

Join us to learn the three key steps to get off on the right foot with money.

Highlights: Understanding a W-4, Retirement programs, Benefits overview

You don’t want to pay too much or too little. More importantly, you want to know how much you’ll owe (or get as a refund) to plan the rest of your finances.

Join us to learn the fundamentals of how taxes work. You may be surprised to find out that it’s the system actually works (even if you don’t like it).

Highlights: How taxes work, Deductions / Credits

Most people have the same basic financial goals – own a home, get out of debt, save for retirement, help kids with college, and enjoy life along the way. The key to reaching those goals is to take it one step at a time. This course will walk you through a 7-Tank System to achieve the key goals we all have with money.


Money has been made more complex than necessary. Most people have the same basic financial goals – own a home, get out of debt, save for retirement, help kids with college, and enjoy life along the way. Reaching your goals is 95% behavior and 5% strategy and information. This course will give you the 5% including the most important number in your financial life, a system to follow and mindset to get it done!


There’s an app for everything. We incorporate these apps into all of our classes. But this class is special. We’ll go through the top 10 apps for your money.

Come learn how your phone can pay you.

Highlights: Financial Fuel, 7-Tank System, Financial Strategy, Economy

You’re about to start school. You expect you’ll need to borrow over $100K. You haven’t earned that much your entire life! That doesn’t feel good.

Come learn how to put these pending loans in context and have the end in mind.

Highlights: Student loans, Future earning, Debt payoff

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We have over 150 videos, posts and self-guided courses that provide 24/7 support for your employees. They can get the unbiased information they need, when they want it.


Our certified coaches have a unique balance of empathy, experience and patience to solve your employees most pressing problems. We don't judge. We solve.



People do best when they're surrounded by others with similar goals. Our private Facebook group gives your employees a community full of tips, tricks and watch outs in the ever changing world of personal finance.

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There’s definitely a major feeling of relief that somebody, who knew what they were doing, was helping me make a plan as opposed to me wandering in the dark as a medical student.
Margot H.

Margot H.

$170,000 in loans
It helped make sure I was on the right track and had a good understanding of paying back my loans. I’ll most likely do the 10 year plan, but we talked about my budget and how I could pay it off in 7 years based on the job I get.
Katie B.

Katie B.

$96,000 in loans
It's a 1-on-1 session in which you provide some numbers and goals, and they provide answers, options, and timetables for paying down your debts! It gave me confidence that I might be able to pay off my huge student debt in 6 years or less (much faster than I anticipated).
Diane R.

Diane R.

$215,000 in loans
Major adulting win. Having a financial coach who doesn't judge your loan status or prior financial misdeeds guide you through the repayment maze is so empowering, and will totally reduce your stress level about the next steps.
Meredith B.

Meredith B.

$280,000 in loans