Money stressing you out?
We've got you covered.

SmartPath's Financial Care Plans™ use intelligent models powered by human coaches to solve your employee's financial needs.

Care Plans In Practice

As a benefit, SmartPath Financial Care Plans help employees through stressful financial situations, one step at a time, in four different channels.

We Work With Employers to Squash Financial Stress

We believe that everyone deserves a simpler, low-stress relationship with their money. Personal finance has been overrun by complexity, sales and uncertainty. That’s why we’re working to make financial problem solving more personal and accessible for everyone.

No Jargon

We speak "financial" so you don't have to and keep it simple for everyone.

No Sales or Products

We are unbiased and unaffiliated, so there's nothing to hide from your employees.

Actionable Advice

If it doesn't lead to change, it doesn't matter. We take baby steps and build momentum.


Everything we do is personalized and human-driven. No robot overlords here.

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